Thursday, October 24, 2013

With Mr Wilman

Mr Wilman was here and now he's gone. All sad. All missing the man. We like Mr Wilman. Known him for a few years now and he's just lovely. A great teacher by all accounts too. We used to run the Yasumitsu-Schlapp cycling team together. Now there's a snappy name - especially when you add Vital or Aztec sponsors name to it. But all the same it was full of Olympic, World and National title holders so can't have been all bad.

Now, why has Mr Wilman gone all sepia on me? Is it the same with you? When I first posted it there was just black, white and some grey - as it should be. Now some brownish stuff leaked in. Maybe it does it automatically when it detects an oldie. Even though Mr Wilman is younger than me. Oh well.

We took Mr Wilman down to Uig and Bhaltos. All sheeps and sand down there. Look, that's a fank in action. With sheeps.

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