Friday, October 25, 2013


Are you a movie film buff? Or just like film? I mean 'proper' stuff not the flim-flam usually presented at most local cinemas but something that gets those brain-cells doing back flips. You know like "Death in Venice", 'Diva', Leon or Aguirre the wrath of God. Eh? What's that all about then? Look it up! Anyone who can make a film and drag a ship over a mountain in the process is ok by me.

Then there's Wim Wenders who made the truly wonderful Wings of Desire and everything. Which reminds me, I must watch that again and send the DVD back! And don't forget Pina and Buena Vista Social Club. Not only that but our Wim is a photographist.

Plus, and this is the best bit, our Wim is the husband of the very fine photographist - namely Donata Wenders whose work I really admire. I mean, look at that image below; fair raises the cockles of ones bottom - or whatever one says these days.

It seems full of emotion and questions. And something else I can't quite pin down. Yet.

Yes, leave here and go and look at Donata Wenders work. You won't be disappointed.


MalcolmJ said...

ru**y google, lost post, take II.

Just enjoyed your links. Your filmography like mine. Had to buy 'Lillies of the Valley' after watching 'PINA' trailer. Wonderfull. Have a good Friday.

GB said...

I keep returning to this post because I am drawn by the image you reproduced to Donata's permanent collection and some of the very emotional images she has presented. As for films I'm afraid I'm very shallow and on the whole I prefer not to be challenged. Apart from Leon (which I was 'made' to watch by a friend; which gave me nightmares; and which I have since bought and watched again several times) and Death in Venice I've seen none of the films you mentioned.