Saturday, October 26, 2013

Now don't get expecting this sort of thing regular like

I know, I know. No blurr or anything.. Just a lith-print of Italy. Eh? What's going on I hear you ask.

Well, I've not long had a moment or two with James Dyas Davidson, his wife and his sister. Their raison d'etre sort of rubbed off on me. The sensibleness, the lack of blurr, the proper artistry and everything. Yes, go on. Go and have a look at his images - I'm used to that. Just make sure you come back here otherwise I shall come looking for you.

Yes, yes, he knows what he is on about. Can write a nice line and wear a beret with pride and all. Takes a fine image too by all accounts and, despite being a teacher is extremely nice - no offence to teachers out there - I knew there must have been a few nice ones out there - like my sister in-law, Mr Wilman, Mr Robson from Welsh Wales, Mr J Thompson from Manc and everything. It's just I'm scarred a bit from my younger days. Granted that was a long time back but scars are scars. eh?

Anyway, there you have it, all printed lithily on Oriental Seagull paper.

Now, where's me blurryfier?


Keith said...

Blur is beautiful

James Dyas Davidson said...

We all loved meeting up with you on Friday. Looking forward to seeing your snaps of Yvonne's coat. :-)
We had an excellent lunch too. Great place.

See you again soon I hope.