Sunday, October 20, 2013

WTCD -2013. The real thing.

World Toy Camera day. It's been and gone and I have some snaps taken with my Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim plastic fantastic camera.

What a  wonderful few days we have had - what with the visitation of the AmerIcan photographiser and then the very wonderful Mr Wilman Sir of Englandshire - we are well sated in pleasure. And we enjoyed the brilliant company of Mr Windy and Deanne last night too. How good is that? Very good as it happens. Very very good indeed all in all. I'm buzzing from it all. And everything.

Mr Wilman came out with us to see the wilder parts of this little island here - with his pixel catching machine at home he only had his Hephone or something. But Uig, Bhaltos and Bosta look wonderful whatever device one has in hand. Here's a selection of the worst from the day - blurry and all.

 Mr Wilman assuming the pose - in the blurr

Van Morrison. 
Oh no sorry - Lewis Chess man replica [homage to Captn Beefhart]

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GB said...

Van Morrison. Smiler. Loved that.