Monday, November 11, 2013

Light over the .... the... car :-(

Now, I think this pooter is beginning to hate me. No sooner than I check the scan of the snap above - nice and moody, light over the yardarm or whatever they say, than it comes out washed out on Blogger. No idea what is going on and why it's doing it to me. I wasn't aware it was doing it before. The flippin scan on the other application is so dark it looks like night!. All too technical for me really. I shall take the slightly out of focus snap into the darkroom and ruin it that way instead.

One thing though, it did manage to select Toots for the sepia treatment properly. He has got his bus pass after all.

Now, some of you might be thinking I've lost me marbles, and you could be right but, the thing is I seem to have found a way to sort the problem - hence the less than washed out upper snap and the non-sepia snap of Toots. Apparently the images are uploaded to Picassa via blogger and that 'auto-ruins' them! If anyone knows how to turn off auto-enhance in Picassa - permanently, the information will be gratefully received.

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