Sunday, November 10, 2013


Just because we live on a wildish island doesn't mean one can't keep up with the latest fashions. We don't mind but that's just us being cuss-id and refusing to spend money on rags and things. We have a a friend who does tread the cutting edge of fashionable satorialism. I mean, don't go thinking we are all like this.

Unless one is a crofter - then you have to comply.

Just back from the opening of the new exhibition at An Lanntair by John Maher and Ian Paterson. Fine fellows both but without a hat between them.
Ian Stephen was there sporting a very arty bonaid of the beret kind jauntily sat upover an ear. Mr Windy had a trendy trilby so beloved of DelBoy types - but looked so very more upmarket than the Trotters ever did. Mr Globe was be-hatted too - his hat's leather formerly situated on a kangaroos bottom so he tells me. I think the kangaroo had a raw deal there to be honest. I too wore a gorgeous green hat I found lurking near the door of our little house as we left this morning. I feel it suited the day very well. And my head was warm.

It was all in a good cause though as the exhibition is just brill - as was the free wine. Some of the large images were printed on vinyl Mr Maher told me. Not sure if was melted down LP's of the Bay City Rollers he was referring to but the prints did look rather nice and there were several people vying for a copy.

The stories that went with some of the images really helped bring them alive. It may not please everyone even if it thrilled me and countless others who were there today but as Grayson Perry reiterated the other day, "you don't have to like everything".


Sam Deane said...

That was indeed a fine hat on Mr Globe's head

Laurie said...

I do think you and Eve did a walk through in the BBC shot:

Wish I could come see in person, but will have to visit virtually for awhile yet!