Wednesday, November 20, 2013

There we were, worrying about the state of the sea...

It was a tad breezy and the forecast had been showing gales. Windy gales that makes the old tub that passes for our ferry bob around a bit. I even noticed a group of girls at the Stornoway Terminal whose parents were taking a bucket on board. Maybe they were thinking ahead. We weren't that keen on the ferry trip to be honest. Eve and I.

Myself and Eve that is.

But the wind abated or blew up our backs or something and the tub crashed and banged just a wee bit. We were OK. The bucket did come out though. Only it wasn't for ill beings but rather to collect monies from the captive audience as the girls did some Highland Dancing in the bar to raise monies for Children in Need. How good was that?

I was armed to the teeth with the best camera money can't buy. It had a proper lens, and other bits. The film was Polypan-f rated at 25asa. I couldn't go wrong.

I didn't

Don't you just wish you had been there?

I shall be taking these to the darkroom :-)

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James Dyas Davidson said...

Highland dancing on a rough ferry crossing - wow, hats off to them or rather bonnets off.