Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We've bin away

We were on the mainland. Braved the ravages of the Minch and the Stornoway ferry and spent time showing off our blue rinses with the Saga Louts of Stathpepper. Had a fine old time listening to Ronnie and his tinkling ivories - or whatever it was that was making a racket in the corner of the main hall of the hotel. Missed out on the Bingo though since gambling is not my thing.

I took a snap or two while we were away - but not this one. Just found it again this morning. When we lived in Engerland this was just over the road and the weather at least was like this while we were away.

Little bit of snow here at home now. What's that all about?

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GB said...

Looks like the Llangollen Canal or Shropshire Union Canal but then I suppose most canals look similar at some point along their course.