Saturday, November 16, 2013

What's your motivation?

I haven't got any today. I'm like that little HHHCB who lays unconcerned on the settee/neg store happily warming up the negs for me with her furry bot. My mtoivation has vanished, drooped of it's metaphorical perch or something. Please don't tell Eve. She doesn't read this but will be onto me like a flash if she hears about it. I'm consoling myself with the lovely works of the late John Tavener.

You may have noticed a preponderance of hats on here recently. I have no idea why this is as I never wear a hat myself - except when it's cold and wet. Which, I suppose is most of the time at this time of year - but apart from that, you'll never see me with a hat - oh yes, apart from on that tv vid and everything. But never ever again!

Mr Toots has no such issues in the head covering department as one can see here. The great man modelling his latest in the window light. Unfortunately the world suddenly moved as I took the snap, I wasn't ready for it - slow speed on the camera front and all that - so we got a bit of blurr. That's OK isn't it? Tell me that's OK.


gz said...

motivation is in hibernation! Roll on Hogmanay then Spring!!

James Dyas Davidson said...

Yeah, we've all been there.

mbt said...

What's Van Morrison doing in your house?