Sunday, November 17, 2013

We take a walk on the nice side

I walked under here. How brave am I? To be totally up front with you, and I usually am, walking under there was a doddle. If one can doddle on the Western Isles. It wasn't the Sabbath after all. And the bridge is nice - as bridges go. I've walked and driven across it many the day and thought nothing of it. So going underneath was not too traumatic. Although of course, post under bridge walking syndrome may affect me in later life.

I'd been on the beach near here  with Mr Toots. Walking, snapping, that sort of thing. I had a camera with me and all. One of those SLR things with a lens and everything. And old movie copy film inside [Polypan-f] rated at 200asa - just because I want to. Stuck the film in old re-used ID11 for a while and I do belive it looks ok. To me anyway. I may be suffering from PUBWS though so be careful if you want to try it.

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