Friday, November 08, 2013

You may not know it, but I wanted to be a Misonne

Who wouldn't when you produce work like this.

Or this

Yes that's the work of the wonderful Leonard Misonne. A Belgian by all accounts. Not sure if he rode a bicycle too but he should have. Used the Bromoil and Mediobrome processes which are, as I've found out, very difficult to accomplish. I end up with a pile of smudged paper with no sight of the image that I wanted. Especially no sight of such lovely images with with wonderful use of backlight. And seeing this must have been taken using old un-coated lens' on plate cameras, that is quite something.

I have a book with his images bought in the Photographic Museum in Charleroi - where Mr Misonne was born - that I would not part with. Have a look round the tinternet, there's some lovely work of his on show there.


新川芳朗 said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bring up this fine photographer. You have a book???

Also see

for some more of his prints.

Enjoy your work!

James Dyas Davidson said...

Thank you! New photographer to me.

Bosse said...

Thanks for sharing, Andrea! I had forgot about him. And I do believe some of your portraits of hills and stone walls etc do have qualities in this direction.

GB said...

You are leading me to wonderful places unknown that I might never have reached but for our acquaintanceship. Thanks.