Saturday, November 09, 2013

Snap happy

I have been snapping away at will you know. With a camera that cost me 50p years ago and film that cost me less. Bound to be a fine combination I think. Especially when combined with the incompetence of the film development. And the dodyness of the snap-making in the first place. Although this first snap is brill. I tell you that so you know. I'm sure there may be one of you who may not agree - but what do you know about what I'm feeling anyway. Eh?

Then there's this one - Eve all Templed up in Northton enjoying the delights of the winter air. Or something.
Maybe it was the after effects of eating good food in nice company without the accompaniment of bagpipe CDs. Though there seems to be something hairy on the left there. Must get and have a look inside that camera - looks like there's something growing in there!

Oh, the pooter must think Alec is older than he actually is since it's made him sepia.  I don't think he's over 60 yet. That's the usual cut off point.

That's how lovely it can be on the island - for a few days of year. One can sit out and enjoy the wind-burn with only four layers of clothing.

The flags fly well in the breeze.

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