Sunday, December 08, 2013

B U R P Event - - Thank you Mr Banting

Complete and utter mess-up of the dodgy kind on my part. I set this up to post today - without finishing the post then promptly forgot about it! Sorry and all that. I have now added the entries - although Mr Coelyne who promised faithfully to send one in has yet to oblige!

By Andy 'Trellis' Forbes. Filmus Monochromus The Blog | Project Double-X

So, the first image is by that Mr Trellis fella. I rather like it. Having said that you can almost see what it is and the grain is somewhat hidden - lacking in grunge [no idea what grunge is to be honest but it sounds right!]. A fine entry all the same. Down-graded because he had an earlier showing due to the pre-publication posting. I know that's my mistake but who is writing the rules round here anyway?

The next one wasn't entered. But nicked the image off Franco's site as I'm sure he would have entered if he spoke English :-). Taken with a Lomo LCA and the great Polypan-50 film. Love this image to be honest. I mean, what is there not to like? Eh? And those doggies eh? Did I not mention there should be doggies in the snap? Oh bad luck the rest of you.

Selfie - John Banting.

Mr Banting went above and beyond writing a text to got with his snap!

"Alright, so it's not as easy as it looks.  

I thought I'd have a bit of a play around for a few minutes and make a 
blurry image for the Boxes & Bellows blurrtastic readers compilation. 

That's when I found the fine line between rubbish and an image. 

Then, as instructed, I took a click over to look at the Igor Posner site, 
and unfortunately I can see that I stayed on the wrong side of this line. 

However, the attached are my submissions for the Blurred Unfocussed Recycled 
Photograph 2013 event. (It needs an acronym). 


I should be disqualified immediately because no film was exposed in the 
making of these images, and something somewhere is probably in focus, and 
they spent a bit of time in Photoshop getting ready for you.

Well, there you are; obviously Mr Banting didn't listen at secretarial college as his line spacing is all over the place! Have you no idea? eh? Added to that Mr Banting sent TWO snaps - completely outside the rules. Obviously trying too hard - especially seeing it was a 'selfie' [wash my mouth out with soap and water for saying that] too. I'll get back to you Sir.

Portrait of Fred - by Keith Thompson

Ha, ha!. Now that's an interesting snap. I'm supposing it's not a 'selfie [wash my..... etc] although not having met the fella I wouldn't know. I seem to recall a beard being involved - but then my memory is not what it was. And I may not have seen a snap of Mr Keith anyway. I might have dreamt him - and if I did this is probably a good likeness.  Anyway, not a doggie in sight! Nice entry though Mr Keith - and if I could remember your website of capitalist massaging or whatever it is, I'd have linked it. In fact, if you could send it, I will.

Man with doggie - Mr Windy

Oh well done Mr Windy, you seem to have embraced the doggie theme very well - in the title. Not a sign of dog-blurr in the snap though. Did you take this in Stornoway since it is a bit dark ? I did not say darkness was a prerequisite to be honest. Did I not tell you that? Serves you right for missing lunch the other day. Albeit that missing lunch with me was my or rather Toot's fault anyway. And your image seems to have infected this post with centring of the text which I cannot remove. Obviously that's a mark against it. 

Ok, now the difficult bit; the judging. I shall be showing these entries later to both Lord Wiesmier, Pirate of this parish and HHHCB. If Lord Wiesmier ignores the snap and HHHCB sits on it, you have won. I get the casting vote. Transparent voting eh? Re-visit soon - and thanks for all the dubious entries. :-)

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