Friday, December 06, 2013

Don't you just love a Trellis?

See this? This that up there, the snap and everything! Like it? I mean, DO YOU LIKE IT? 

I like it although I have been less inclined than I might to show it in case you did liked it too much. Mr Andy of the Trellis type recently pointed out the fine work of Igor Posner whose work is fab. I mean, just fab. Really fab. I mean, I like it a lot so thought I'd show you these of mine. Please don't like them too much otherwise I won't feel able to show this type of image again.

But that Igor fella Wow! Go and have a look and then look at Mr Trellis type person's web-presence here and then come back for more, more ... stuff.

Ok, here's an Igor image to be going on with;

Copyright - Igor Posner

Many thanks to Andy 'Trellis' Forbes for this.

1 comment:

franco said...

Wonderful!!! thank you very much for sharing your "knowledge".
P.S. I love your pics too (and maybe also your writings, despite my poor English).
Greetings, Franco