Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Camera 1. Voigtlander Perkeo

You may have noticed that I have been using the Voigtlander Perkeo for a lot of snaps recently. I like it. That's why I use it. What did you expect? A review?

This particular item came into my hands from a very kind gentleman in the USA who thought I needed a better camera than I was using - a few years back now. He knows who he is but prefers me not to tell. But thanks everso Sir, it is a lovely thing that is lovely to use.

Piss-poor snap taken with the Perkeo some years back.

These slim little cameras come with a variety of lens, mine is nice - glass and everything. You screw it in and out to get focus which, should you wish it to be and I don't usually at the mo, can be tack sharp. Only I'm having fun with de-focused shots. And longer exposures and all that. As I said before, I like it that way. You can see a selection of my Perkeo shots here should you have nothing to do and have a free hand to dip into the choci box while you are looking here. Dark choci box that is. We have chocs from the Choc Tasting Club - that's mainly for snobby people so won't bother you I should imagine :-).

You can change the speeds of the shutter too - from fastish to hold-it-down-as-long-as-you-like as long as it doesn't make the film go completely black after development - which has been known. To obviate this potential problem I use a thing known as a light-meter. That's how up-market I am. You won't catch me using an automatic camera. Oh no, I like to have full if un-knowledgeable control over things.  My lightmeter has got a button or two on it to change the numbers it shows. Don't ask me why they change, something to do with the little knobs on the camera I should imagine, but I look very professional using it even if the film still goes black. Come to think of it I must read a book about that sort of thing one day.

I also have another twiddly thing on the top of the camera - that falls off from time to time. When I can find it, it's meant to aid finding the focal distance. That's a technical term which needn't bother you. it doesn't me anyway. Looks fab on the top of the camera though. I can't see through the thing very well - unless I put it in a warm pocket for a while and then, no doubt, the moment has gone. Trust me, Guess. It works for me - see here anyway. A masterpiece now reprinted half a dozen times and toned variously in ghastly chemicals and, what for it - coffee.

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