Wednesday, December 25, 2013

STEP AWAY FROM THOSE CHOCS !!! It's too early in the day.

Adults Eh?

Doesn't matter what day it is to you, it's still too early.

And the mince pies! Wait!!!!! Eh? Have you taken a photo yet?

No? Well, go and get you camera and take one. Then reward yourself by making early morning tea for everyone.

Relax; be nice to others. Shopping is all over for a day or two.

Have a grand day you.

Oh, and while I think of it, thanks everso for all the comments you post over the year. Just as I'm never sure what I'm writing about - even when I've written it, I'm not always aware what the comments mean either - but I do love reading them!


Mr Trellis said...

Mach 1 shopping trolley. Hope you both have a restful and peaceful time despite the weather.

GB said...

It's like reading your posts and looking at your images. I enjoy them (most of the time) they intrigue me (even more of the time) and I've even understood one or two. A new year = a new adventure.