Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dude Muse

Here he is, my Dude Muse. Toots Wilson to you and now winging his way to warmer climes for a few days with his Mrs. 

I am not in love with him but he does seem to exist filling the right [amount of] space at the right time when I have my camera at the ready. He constantly barks at my "wasting film", but if I didn't, I wouldn't have these snaps to show you now would I?

Maybe he is using up a little bit more of allocated space than he perhaps should - due in part to Tunnocks Dark Choc Tea Cakes - note the horizon of the beach sinking to the left eh? And partly due to the tea cakes I ate too :-( Oh well, it is that time of year isn't it?


GB said...

It was the Dark Chocolate Tunnocks Tea Cakes that caught my eye. Now that's real love.

Mr Trellis said...

That is a substantial three-legged resting device.