Saturday, December 21, 2013

They have been digging around the village. I mean, not around it, not creating a moat so that the local councillors can add a duck shed but a whole hole to put new sewerage pipes in. They dug it down there and they dug it up there too but as yet the two parts do not meet. I rather hope that changes soon otherwise it might cause a few issues!

See, those there digger things and an up-market argocat type affair that The Crofter has been lusting over on account of it's ability to move without disappearing up to its oxters in wet ground. Makes hole digging a lot easier. But the weather has been against these fine workers. Not one chance to lean on their shovels and suck through their teeth [as they do in Engerland] without the lashing rain and howling wind freezing them to death.

I knew the ground was very wet after falling face first into a ditch whilst snapping up a flapping polyless tunnel. The ground gave way under my boot and down I went. The muscles and bones are a tad sore now!

Hopefully I shall be back to full steam in the morn so I can wish you all the best for whatever this time of year means to you. Until then, toodle doo.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou from Down Under for your 2013 blog and pics. - very much enjoyed.Best to you both for Christmas and the New Year - 27degrees and sunny. M and M

franco said...

[from Old English oxta; related to Old High German Ahsala, Latin axilla]
And In Venetian scagio - plural scagi. You may guess the right pronunciation by reading this: SKAJO.
It's raining a lot here too so if wandering out of the road "spariria dentro el fango fin ai scagi"(I should disappear up to my oxters in wet ground).

Regards, fr