Monday, December 02, 2013

I did it again and again and again, but it made things worse

It didn't make it any better over-clicking as I did. I'd seen some wonderful work by some fella me lad in Germany of all places. Go on, go and have a clickette on the link and then come back and tell me what I should do. If anything. Please.

Coming up soonish is the Boxes & Bellows blurrtastic readers compilation- with magnificent prizes and everything. Well, I might find some bit of tat to send the best one anyway. Do please send YOUR Blurr-esquian imagery to; 

wiesmier [at] 

with 'Blurry' in the title by Dec 8th and I'll see if anything happens sort of thing.  
Oh, I'm intending to publish the blurry snaps on here so if you don't agree with that, please don't send it.

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