Monday, December 02, 2013

I got carried away


Got carried away with the old Keiv60/6c or whatever the model is. 'It' hasn't been working properly for ages so I took it out with some cheap Chinese film inside to create a bit of grunge. Eve rode off on her bicycle in the still and warmish [for the time of year] air and I stood standing pointing the weighty brute that is the Kiev at this. Snip snap - all in low light and everything. The Brute still works. Not much grunge at all - bar the bits of sweet and sour in the film emulsion- apart from that.

Guessed the development with some re-used ID11 and came up with this. Nearly this anyway, as I added the darker bit with the pooter thing. I might do that in the darkroom too - and slosh it in lith. I might.

Up here it was. Just down the road about a bit-ish from Stornoway on the east side. The Wild East I think.

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Andy said...

There is something about the Kiev brand I really like. Yes they are big, ugly, quirky and clunky but I love my 88CM TTL kit. Solid and robust. You can also use them as a nuclear bunker should the need arise!