Friday, December 20, 2013

I make no apology - except for this time. And possibly the next.

Of course it's Toots. He kindly took me back to Tong to get the village shoppe horseless carriage that was having it's wheels re-welted or something like that. It necessitated a lift on the uppy thing anyway [for the van!] so the nice mechanic-fella could fiddle underneath. And no I don't have a snap of it since it was snowing at the time and I forgot! Yes, forgot.

And yes it is another snap of Toots - this tyme looking rather happy. For him. Which isn't surprising since he'd had a fine shopping trippette and is off to warmer climes and his other gaff soon. Taking his Isolette and some film too to complete a short project that may grace this place sometime in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, we are awaiting another storm. A continuation of the last one almost since it has been a tad draughty for weeks it seems. Even took off part of the village school roof last night and, kept me awake for hours as the house shook to its unsubstantial foundations. HHHCB is rather dis-chuffed about it all I can tell you although she liked the light coating of white stuff on the ground this morning. And no, Nigella had not been round.

Apologies anyway. I dunked some asa 5 film I'd shot at 100asa in MG developer with the resulting clear strip of film. That's why you get this one. Sorry and all that.

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Mr Trellis said...

Ah! International man of mystery.