Friday, December 20, 2013

Flexing a Mamiya

Mr Toots lent me this Mamiya box thing. It's a Mamiyaflex of a certain age - the early 1950s. Knobs and what have you all over the place. More twiddly bits than, than,,, than there should be. I've not got the hang of it. That's the truth if truth ever existed. The roll of film within went through without stopping the first time. I re-rolled the thing then tried again and got a few over-lapping shots. I shall try again soon.

As for the developing,,, lets not go there. It does rather look like the Feng Shui needs to be sorted in the darkroom as there are lines, scratches and blobs all over the neg - and I'm not sure they are meant to be there.

I noticed there seems to be up-coming Festivities around the island. Perhaps it's the same where you are; if so have a lovely time and best wishes to all of you whatever your beliefs, creeds or orientations are. Thank you so much for visiting here. It's been my pleasure.


gz said...

and our pleasure too.

Keith said...

. . . I'll second that.

Happy holidays