Friday, December 27, 2013

Please tell me this has all the looks of a masterpiece - just need a while in the darkroom to make it so.

I don't really care if I'm honest. I love this image. At least I do at the moment - hot out of the developing tank having taken it this morning. At least I did have this camera out this morning and snapped a few up but of course this might have been one of  the ones I took the other day. Which is a pity because I thought it was the low air-pressure we have that helped the image making today.

Look at the movement, the love and the , the something else that I cannot put my finger on yet. I think it might also be because I was interested to read about the Unitarian Universalist Group on the pooter which seems to have a great deal going for it. Interesting. Not that I'm going to join. I don't join groups of that type - whoever they are although I am very happy they are there.


Mr Trellis said...

Brings to mind Buddhist monks.

GB said...

When I saw the pic on my dashboard reader I got quite excited. It's a cracker (although I'm sure that's not a term either you or the art establishment would have though of).

franco said...

A peaceful, swordless wandering samurai..:o)