Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Birds

Yes, yes, it's a big flappy bird thing lurking about the harbour in the town. It lives here apparently. Why it doesn't work I have no idea but that's life I suppose. 

The only camera I had with me was the P&S Pentax Espio 170sl. Sounds impressive but I acquired it for a song - a short one. And possibly an out of tune one, and only the first verse as I can never remember beyond that. Not even the most well-known song. For example when we, Eve & I that is, appeared on the The Guinea Pigs' kitchen song vid, I chose the song. But I still couldn't sing - or howl to be exact, without the wordage on a page with the proper marks all over it to look at. [hidden behind a copy of Mr Hutchinson's fine book, The Hour - in which yours truly appears not too darkly written].

For another example, I love the song "Babes in the wood", you may know the one, a version by Tim van Eyken perhaps. Nice innit? Eh? I must have listen to that song a hundred times but can I get through the whole lyric without a prompt? Er, no.

Anyway, I have this little camera, some film and some flappy things around the pllace. The former snaps up the latter. Then I go home and, finding the film had not rewound itself as it's supposed to do, exposed the film to some light when I had a look. I mean, I didn't do it on purpose, it just happened that way. As it does. Thinking that the film would probs be ruined and everything I decided to do a guesstimate development in print developer - because I have lots of that and it's quick and will put me out of my misery soonish. Only the snaps were ok!


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