Friday, January 17, 2014

A new day, a new developer

I'm trying some Firstcall Finegrain developer of Firstcall's own brand. I didn't like the bottle it comes in. I'll tell you that for nothing. Too flimsy and white. And I don't like a white bottle. Seems wrong. And the name of the stuff isn't that great either - "B&W Film Developer". I mean, they must have thought hard for that eh? But it is cheap. Didn't I tell you that?

Despite this bad start I tried this stuff @ 1:7 @20c on some AgfaASP400s which has been my go to film of late - especailly since it's been so dull most days. Except today that is; the sun shone, peoples smiled, sheeps danced, and I enjoyed a village stroll.

See, that pole smiling in the sunshine and everything. The image came out ok. The time developing wasn't too long [8.5 mins] and those little sandy like bits on the snap are rather nice.

Even the football pitch looked nice in the sunshine although I wouldn't go on it unless I had some waders on.

And yes, that's a newly modified sled. It was a trailer, but the wheels fell off. 
Ah well, Tolsta eh?

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gz said...

The images do look good - bet they'd look even better "in the flesh" so to speak.

Packaging IS an art...wonder why some companies can't apparently be bothered.

Even a simple label well done makes a difference, and a user friendly package of whatever sort.