Friday, January 17, 2014

wasting time on the pooter

I woke up this morning - for which I am grateful. This was only after what seemed to be 5 mins of restless dozing after a fitful night. I might have done too much strolling the other day and suffered for it. Botheration!

So I wasted the rest of my morning at home, missing the ChiGong sadly - as I dragged myself around the place looking for the energy and feeling of good-health that seems to be eluding me. I have not found it yet so if any of you see it around please bring it back.

I have been spending too much time looking at other peeps images online as it happens and do somewhat like  some 'imperfect' snaps that I see,. I played with my simple PS program and came up with this look - of the Crofter. Do we like it? I do.

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Keith said...

I do too . . .