Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another boring and limited post about photography and the most wonderful Isle of Harris.

There we are in a village on Harris. Drinishader as it happens [opposite this place]. When I say 'we' it's just Eve in the snap on account of me holding the camera thing. I mean I could have used a tripod, set the thing with the camera - my little sisters OM1n with ultra-sharp 50mm Zuiko lens - snapping all on its own. Only I couldn't be bothered since it was cold and the sleet was coming in from time to time and, and. Needless to say I didn't use the tripod. I should have and everything. I would have been a proper photographiser then. And the snap might have been sharper - if I'd wanted that.  Talking of which, there's an interesting article about that here.

See, we were tourists this day. Proper tourists going into hotels and supping the green tea, eating lovely food with Gemma and William. How lovely was that? Very since you ask. Then Eve and I snook off down this road for a look-see, a gander or what have you. Basically, we are nosey. I guess you have worked that out by now. We have been here before but as you can see it's a lovely road with proper bends, views and sheeps. Quite a few soggy looking sheeps too. Quite the most lovely place - whatever the weather. Trust me. I must go back with a proper Pictorialist lens and ungainly camera to make a nice hash of the snap. Sometime soon. When it has stopped blowing a gale.

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Roy Karlsvik said...

Thanks a lot for the interresting article about lenses, and sharpness (or the lack of such), and things!
I could have written that, or at least something a bit similar. Different lenses are for different looks in a photo. Sharpness is overrated anyway, as you have made perfectly clear both in words and pictures all over this place. I like your blurry ones, that's just how it is :))