Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Max or Print?

Mr Toots has had this old roll of Kodak Polymax RC paper up in his loft since,,,, ages ago anyway. The stuff is ancient as Kodak stopped making the stuff quite a few years ago. Well, Mr Toots kindly let me have a bundle of sheets to play with so I lithed it - in Rollei Lith chems. Nice innit? You might have already seen this snap of The Crofter on the web-site about the fella. Or you might not have if you have not been reading it very long. Still, this old paper is ok in Lith despite its age. 

At the same time as cutting the roll of Polymax RC gloss [above] I took the opportunity to use Mr Toots' spacious but under-used darkroom to cut the last of my extra old Kodak PolyPrint RC matt - again from a huge roll. It has a wonderful surface but I am less than convinced about it in lith- although that migt have something to do with the neg i chose. Stornoway - on a wet day. Most days at the moment.

Now I have got my experimental head on so to speak [Coelyne reels with despair] I even managed a few 5x7 negs today in the FKD camera held to together with elastic bands and the inevitable gaffer tape. No shutter so used a hat. I think a cyanotype or/and a Vandyke print is in the offing. You MIGHT see them.


steve said...

Love the rainy day shot.

Av Bellows said...

Yes! The rainy day shot looks wonderful. Bellows