Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I just wanted to see what it looked like on film. eh?

Mr Winogrand said something like that title. And I thought it as I almost mowed down Mr Toots as he snook across the road from his gaff to take a snap near the beach with his 35mm Nikon. The sun was shining see and Mr Toots likes that. I don't really but did have a Baby Speed Graphic in the car with some film I wanted to finish. Screeching to a stop I leapt out of the car, rolled across the bonnet [as one does] and crept across the road camera in hand. I never did find Mr Toots who was obviously hiding but I did see 'stuff' and I wondered what it would look like on the film in the camera.

This is what it looked like;

 Obviously, I added the crud on the film to make it authentic or something.

And while you are about it, check out this fine short B&W film documentary about my pal Bill.

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