Monday, January 20, 2014

No posts

I'm not stopping. No, I rather like the discipline of posting something on here everyday - or nearly everyday. It may be rubbish but it is my rubbish and that's what counts.

One thing that really gets me up-fed is a blog that has dried up, or stalled or worse still, forgotten. I shan't name any as I'm sure you know plenty of them. The disappointment on re-visiting a nice blog only to find it has not changed.

So here's today's less than exciting post.

Eve cooked some food. No, I don't know what it was? Looks like wraps of some sort. Satisfied?

Of course we have been out for a stroll on the beach. Wouldn't you? Granted it's not 44c but we like it wet and cool/cold. Just as well really.


gz said...

Eve cooks good food!

Your beach photos help us re-live our walks there..

One feels a loss when you have been interacting with a fellow blogger, commenting and discussing...then nothing....

James Dyas Davidson said...

Guilty as charged. I'm not sure what purpose my blog was serving.

It's one thing to fool yourself into thinking you're doing it to gather your thoughts and ideas for yourself, but the bottom line was, nobody read it, followed it or commented on it enough to keep me doing it. So, clearly I was doing it for my ego. What a fool. I want to keep it going but not sure why.