Friday, January 31, 2014

I think I've been good.

Have I been good? Eve tells me I have. Mostly. Mostly tells me I have been good not, I've been good mostly. Got that now?

I do have a lust for a book. It's the sort of thing that happens from time to time and like the Dalai Lama says "I do think I want these things but that doesn't mean I need them" - or words to that effect - I don't 'need' this book. It was a couple of years ago I went to listen to Mr Lama talk. I may have paraphrased a bit. Or a lot. He did say "My  religion is simple. My religion is kindness" which I do like. I wish I could say it for myself. And if you'd like some more of the Dalai Lama's quotes, you can look here. It is interesting.

But I still like this book. I mean, I want it. I don't need it that's for sure. There are more books in this house than you can shake a stick at - although they do make fine insulation.

Copyright- Mr Brodovitch. From

I mean, have you seen these images before? Have you really? Go on have a look see. I'll wait here while you do but do come back as I might say something interesting soon. My big sis used to teach dance and her towering and talented youngest son [ the eldest is talented too BTW- see his company here] Jacob is a professional dancer residing in Brussels, the Belgium as it happens - although currently in Cardiff, which is not in Belgium. Well, not yet anyway.

There he is - Jacob that is. I think he may be the one having some water. Possibly. I haven't seen that piece before - and yes, since you ask it is dance. Contemporary or something. The electrically produced image is from this site Go look, there's even a vid of the piece above. I'm sure you'll be all chasing them down to watch that live.

And that perhaps is why I am interested in that book. The one I lust after. It's dance after all. And blurr and everything. What more can one ask? EH?

Only thing is, and please don't tell Eve, I've just been bad. The honey and almond flapjacks I made this afternoon had cooled enough and after looking at them pleading to me to eat them, I did. Only the one but that is bad!

I'll leave you with a snap of our dear Highness Henrietta Cartier-Bresson. taken with a Petri7s on Polypan-f @ 200 in Rodinal. Because I can.


GB said...

Honey and almond flapjack! Once made it has to be eaten. Not to would be a sin. The badness was in making it in the first place. Once you'd been bad the eating some couldn't have been bad too. Alternatively eating was bad too. Two negatives make a positive. Ergo two bads make a good. What a good girl you were today.

Mr Trellis said...

Now you have done it. I went to Amazon to source 'Alexey Brodovitch - Ballet. Books on Books 11' (cheaper don't you know!).

Silly me then looks at the recommendations underneath and I also end end up buying 'Yutaka Takanashi: Toshi-e (towards the City) (Books on Books)'.

You are costing me a fortune……..