Thursday, January 30, 2014

This print was Ok till I started messing wif it!

Honest guv. Nearly a masterpiece it was. And on ancient Kodak Polyprint RC paper too. Only, I decide to bleach it back and then sepia tone it - then try to scan while still damp. The result is this; a blotchy print which looked not too bad before the scan - if you propped it up on the other side of a dark room and looked at it without ones glasses on.

Gosh this old paper tones well!

Look, see that's a prized possession of ours [darling Eve & I]. Snapped yesterday with the wood, paper and gaffer tape monstrosity laughingly called a 13x18ish FKD camera. On Shanghai film - developed in PQ then cyanotyped onto Khadi paper - which doesn't take too kindly to such abuse - especially as I then dumped it all in cold coffee!

The subject; Ellen Hunter's [MBE and now Cornwall's fastest postwoman!]Athens Paralympic gold medal winning posy - or whatever it's called. Bit fragile now but I love it! The snap; dreadful!

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Keith said...

The posy pic is really, really, nice