Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's been rather nice

That's here, just out the window down the road and everything. Sun that is in the sky. Remember that? Eh? 

Yes I have done a portrait of a seascape here before but, it is always there so I can eh? Even when John Cooper-Clarke is mumbling to me on the Iplayer-radio thing.

HHHCB has a special 'hat' on since she is still over-licking herself and going bald in the process. She is not happy I can tell you. Especially seeing she is nearly royalty and everything


Anonymous said...

Think I prefer your shot of October 11th 2013, because of the inclusion of the tractor and human figure. Stronger sky in the current offering though

gz said...

The sort of morning that gives you a good boost!

Commiserations to HHHCB