Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Whoa! Steady on chaps.

I met the chaps today only, they seemed a little at odds with each other. William looks like he wanted to take Alec's lights out. And Alec wasn't too happy about that. It must have been William's crutches that Alec was a tad worried about. Having said that, I'm not sure William could punch his way out of a wet paper bag - even if he wanted too. And Alec is a black belt, fifteenth dan in Origami or something. Game over I'd say.

Alec definitely was on edge today. Wouldn't let me take his snap properly so I took it anyway and got a better images as a result. I think I might print this huge and post the image through his door.


James Dyas Davidson said...

Love that first picture!

GB said...

Actually Bill's just got the floss out and is about to give a demonstration.