Friday, January 10, 2014

Much ado about something

Time has been passing me by. I find that it is catching up with me - about to overtake me. Surely time is speeding up. Days pass in moments, weeks in a blink of a fluttering eyelid and years. Well years just happen, too quickly.

Now I find I am part of the oldies. At least I am still here I suppose - and with so much to do. What it is I have do is open to complicated conjecture mind. Trust me, the identifying process has commenced - or will do shortly. When I get round to it anyway. One doesn't want to rush these things does one?

No, it's not my snap but from a neg given to me by the nice man at Real Camera Co. Manchester some years ago. It is Fallowfield Velodrome, Manchester - a few years back.

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