Thursday, January 09, 2014

They are nearly everywhere now.

Because we fill our houses with electrical gadgets, radios and in most cases, countless TV's we use a lot of electricity. More than we should I think. Houses are often so very hot inside, so hot the occupants sit around in t-shirts as the cold wind rages outside .

So there's plans afoot to build more and more of these windmills over the island. In itself that's not such a bad thing only, first we should find every-way we can to reduce our usage. Then we should be siteing these things away from houses - like these are - and not have our heads turned by money.


gz said...

agreed. Have a pair of turbines feeding power to a village/factory. Have then owned by the village co-op as in other countries.
and use a lot less power

Andrea Ingram said...

Tis a fine sentiment Andrea but I suggest you watch Local Hero [film] for a nice viewpoint