Sunday, February 23, 2014

A little meeting on a path

It was here we met. Royston in his wet weather coat and hat with Ziggy. That's Ziggy at the front of the snap, sniffing the grass to see what other doggie had been that way recently.

That's Mr & Mrs Toots walking on back to the car in the rain. Near the beach down that end of the village. No, THAT end.


GB said...

Well it may not be that end of the village but it's not that village. You are on the wrong side of the Island. There there be witches.

Sir Gracious of that Ilk said...

Could be could be in Point, which is a fine place but full of Point people. I've often wondered why the Point people, the Rudhachs (pronounced Roo-achs) are so disliked by the rest of the islanders? Were they very naughty at one time?

GB said...

As an Eastsider for 40 years and a Pointy Person for twentyone of them I deeply resemble that remark Sir Gracious.