Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm sure I saw an Orgasmatron; Then I bought a camera for £1

It was there in a basement on York Place, Edinburgh. I saw it tell you. Mr Mad Scientist doing something on a laptop nearby but over there, on the left of the room was The Orgasmatron. I didn't stare or anything. I might have been noticed or something. And Eve was pulling on my jacket anyway. But it was an Orgasmatron, trust me.

I now have a new camera. New to me you understand. Paid the handsome price of £1 [GBP not Scottish Pound :-) ]. It's a fine affair made of plastic stuff. Lovely shape too. You can see it here - or one like it anyway. How cool is that? eh? I had a roll film in my bag, loaded it up then shot this place. It was nearby that day. Not now, I'm at home.

And look, it takes proper nice snaps too.

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