Saturday, February 15, 2014


It was on cheap Chinese film I'll have you know. And I rated it at 400 instead of 100. I don't know what I was doing to be honest. Perhaps I was worried about The World and all who sail in her. Earlier my lovely dentist and I were having a conversation regarding the state of the anthropogenically enhanced climate we are enjoying the fruits of at present all round the world and I accused her [and I as it happens] of being too complacent about it all.Like you do when you have just been told you have to have another crown. She was shocked, bless her fashionable cashmere socks and so was I. Although it's a truth I felt a tad guilty about having ruined her day. So much so, I shot out with a camera - a borrowed Blad - and shot this snap.

That's the sun up there - that bright bit that was making the filter flare a bit. We are not used to it you see. And it, the place, is just over there - over the bay on Point.


Keith said...

I like the detail of the cloud and the island - has a touch of Canadian painter Lawren Harris about it.

Andrea Ingram said...

Thanks Keith. Shall have to look that painter up!