Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Does this remind you of Misonne?

I'd like to think it had a little of the feeling of Misonne.. I'd like to think I could reproduce this in the darkroom too. I'm going to have a go anyway. I like it. Took it on the fly with a little point and shoot camera with Polypan-f film while out shooting off a roll or two to try a new developer out.  Must shoot into the sun more often and not try to mess about to get the exposure right - the camera did a good job me thinks.

Yes, we had sunshine and everything. Took us all by surprise then it rained again. Stornoway eh?

later; And yes, I have been in the darkroom


Mr Trellis said...

Yes it does. Shame about the Argos sign though!

Hope you ladies have battened down the hatches and got the Battenburg out for tea.........

steve said...

Great shot!