Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I got carried away

You may find it hard to believe but I do get carried away. I used to be enthralled with tubular racing tyres for track racing. The smell, the feel and the quality of hand-made tyres led me in the end to import Dugast tubulars and supply them to the British cycling team, Chris Boardman for his last hour record, Jason Queally for his gold in Sydney and Michael Hutchinson on his world hour record attempt.

Now I'm just as likely to be tempted by a new B&W film to try these days and indeed, presented with the possibility to buy some Rollei rpx25 film a while back, I did. I can't seem to get a good development on this film though. I should learn that I need to stick with what I know.

I tried again this week shooting the stuff in my Perkeo in bright sunshine. Obviously, I'm not used to that and lo and behold, when I'd sloshed the film in Rodinal the negs are too dark. Doable but too dark for comfort!

I shall try this again - possibly

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