Friday, February 07, 2014

I knew I shouldn't have.

I'm not an expert. My pal Royston doesn't like experts so that's OK then. But I tried to be and now I realised I shouldn't have. I'm referring to my attempt at sorting out a new developer for film. When I say sorting out, perhaps more accurately I should say using. Mr Toots made the stuff from a recipe he had, I sloshed it on the film. Only, I'm not that impressed. First off I used 400 asa film [although it was traffic surveillance film] rated at 400asa. As I do. Then I tried slow 50asa film @ 25asa [although it was movie copy film]. Proper-like that, rating the film slower and everything. Mr Toots does it. Swears by it. Only he doesn't swear.

 "Contra" to common sense.

And I did it again!

This slower film - Polypan-f - I used in the Olympus XA, a natty little camera with which one cannot make a mistake - unless one shoots into the sun which fools the exposure. So I did that. Eh? I know, I know. I told you I am not an expert didn't I? I do slouch around with several cameras and a lightmeter whether I need one or not looking the part. I use odd sorts of films and everything too. Actually, I wonder if that's the problems as it were. If there are any experts out there..........

Talking of experts Mr Trellis mixes up his own concoctions for films. Eye of newt, toe of frog with a touch of metol behind the ears I think. Have a look at Mr Trellis' stuff here if you really want to know. You know, for the experts. Who wants to know that stuff anyway?

And before you ask, Yes I varied the times on each bath - up 5mins. And the temp was around 20c!

Ok, perhaps I should stick to Rodinal for slower films with a LC29 chaser for fast films. [except obviously for foma400/hp5 pushed to 1600 when Rodinal 1:100 stand development is the answer. It is, trust me] I can almost hear Coelyne of the Coelynes shouting at the computer screen from here.


Mr Trellis said...

Oooh! I like the first image. Looks like an angel.

Mr Trellis said...

Forgot to mention the XA has a little lever on the bottom which gives a +1.5EV exposure compensation for backlight. It also does battery check and self timer.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand a word...,but I do like the "into the sun" shots. Lovely, Maaam.

GB said...

I understood most of the words. The order confused me a little though. I did like the first pic. Very atmospheric. You do atmospheric rather well in my book. The trees haven't any leaves! I'd forgotten that. I must spend a winter somewhere one day and get a reality check.