Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Stoecklers; YES

To be totally honest, my first foray into the 2-bath development as is Stoecklers has not been a great success - modified or not. Mr Toots who made the stuff up told me 4 mins each bath. And it wasn't temp related. Well, I realise now that the freezing temps of the darkish room up here do not constitute room temp. I took the baths temp after the development was made and found it to be - cold. I think it was too cold as the images were/are very faint - which is a pity as they were masterpieces all of them. I am currently warming the developers to house temps in the hope my second attempt might be more successful!

OK, now we have won the right to have same sex marriages in Scotland we can take down all the YES signs on the island imploring for this to happen. The good thing is that the island can now become a special destination for same-sex marriages with lovely beaches for the wedding photographers. USP and all that!


gz said...

definitely a good both cases!

cracking image! The Pirate says "well done!"

Mr Trellis said...

I like Stoëckler but always have it at 20C. I have some other two bath formulas here.

Good result - wedding photography!?!?