Friday, April 25, 2014

Baile an Truiseil

Look here, one of the tallest standing stones in Scotland as it happens - Clach an Trushal - over on the West Side. And I wus there the other day - pointing a camera [Zorki4/Jupiter12] at it. Didn't seem to mind either. Too much sun though. The film - Polypan didn't like that. Toots didn't like the house just there and the car either. Best bit I thought!

I'd gone over to the West Side to get the mechanical paddling device back from Colin of the Grass. He'd given the thing to Angus the Outboard you see so he could twiddle this and that. He did and got it back. I crossed Colin's palm with paper and brought the MPD back ready for my next water-borne journey.

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