Saturday, April 26, 2014

Have YOU been there?

I am sure you know where his is eh? Just down the road and all that. turn right at the crucial moment, left then you are here looking at this. Feeling the concrete of the jetty between your toes if you want to. Enjoy sand-filled sandwiches on the beaches here about. Look at the islands. 

Walk along a bit, turn left up the creek to the tyre in the sand. That's how you know you are on the Hebrides. The rest of the vehicle is around under the sand probably.

There's walls round this way. Lots of lovely walls that I really quite like. Take this one around a graveyard on the side of a hill over-looking the sea. Keeping the broken statue from walking away I shouldn't wonder.

That's all at Kneep  [Cnip] on the Valtos [Bhaltos] peninsula.

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GB said...

Dry stone walls are useful things of beauty and make a wonderful change from the farming of fences that is crofting.