Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dustbinscapes; I've Dun Carloway

I'm not that partial to landscapes [wash my mouth out etc]. You may know this if you have been here before - and I do hope you have. And come back again too. The only trouble of living on this rock out here on the edge of the British Isles is that it is rather lovely. The land is wonderful. The weather too - cloud and rain to accompany the wind on a regular basis. And 'street' photo snaps here are less than traditional. I find myself trying to see the place through new eyes, trying to create a portrait of the place that is new, to me at least.

So I snook out in the morning yesterday armed with nothing but a 6x9 folding Agfa Record camera and a roll of GP3 film. And a lightmeter. Plus a few other cameras that were lurking about. Obviously. I learnt that from 'The award winning Alex Boyd' who always seems to have a sack-full of various cameras with him. I figured to win awards one needs to do that - only it doesn't seem to be working for me.

I trolled over the Pentland road to Carloway and the Broch. Everyone snaps that up. But I thought I'd try for a new image of the place. This is it. My new dustbinscape - with Carloway Broch in the background. Nice eh?


GB said...

I just love your sense of the absurd! You say quite frequently that you do not 'do' landscapes and then go on to produce some stunners. Not that I wish to insult you or this picture by calling it a landscape.

Mr Trellis said...

Dustbinscapes - you could be on to a new genre here!

Roy Karlsvik said...

I like it alot, whatever you may call it :))