Friday, April 11, 2014

Half of someone is better than nothing at all

Did I tell you we have had a visitor? No? Well recently, we have had a visitor. From far away and everything. From Germany via Danmark and er,,, Ullapool. Proper film maker and all.

We even watched a German film one night. A Wenders - but not one of his best I can assure you. I did take the oppotunity to expose a neg at Angelica - for that is her name. Put the 5x7 neg in a darkslide, fix that onto the back of a box with a little hole in it with the requisite sloppy knicker elastic and now I have an image. I might even expose UV light through this and try [again] to make an oilprint. Nothing like wasting materials on a Saturday is there?

Yes, this only part of the neg. Full marks for spotting that only, I scanned the thing in two halves but the task of joining the two parts on the pooter defeated me - for the moment!

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