Monday, April 21, 2014

I must go and watch the local football

I have been to four 'proper' football matches in my time. Chippenham FC back when the football was leather and the ground wet and muddy. Briftol Rovers V Exeter on a Boxing day at a pitch with a speedway/dog track around the outside, some game in Chile and Man City v someone - for which I got free tickets - back when City didn't win much and I worked over the road.

I didn't really enjoy any of the games - but the crowds were fascinating. In Chile the TV reporters went onto the field to get a  few words from a player if he fell over near the edge of the pitch. At Man City some chaps in the stand spent ages berating some player fella - until he scored, then he was the best thing since sliced bread [which I really don't like as it happens].

But I'm keen to get a few snaps of the milieu as it were. The 'crowds' as the react to the play. I must do that sometime. It came to my mind after snapping up Internationale Carloway ground the other day. 

See, I love the work of one Cyrille Rabilliard like this one from a horse race. I might just go along one day.

In the meantime, here is a snap of sheeps. That's what they look like. Well, this one anyway.

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