Thursday, April 10, 2014

PLEASE; read this quietly.

HHHCB is asleep as I write. Or at least pretending to be. She won't like me showering her with praises on here, so I won't.

But you won't get a more purrfect cat, albeit a near Royal one, as HHHCB. The same cannot be said of snap - which is, I must admit, a near disaster. I used polypan-f film. I know it's 50asa copy film but I reckon you can use it at 200asa with a good soak in Rodinal. And one can - if you don't mind the sort of mush grain along with it. And a scratch across the neg and a hair now thankfully removed from the camera gate. Apart from that. Just purrfect.

1 comment:

Evelyn Dunstan said...

You caught her whiskers very well! xx