Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bobbing about a bit

"Phew what a scorcher " I thought as I wandered back up the road from The Crofter yesterday morning -before the cloud came in and the cold wind started blowing. Oh, and it started raining a bit later too - just before we launched the newly floored tender at Cuddy Point in Stornoway to get out to the wee boatee that was bobbing around on the pan flat water.

We'd been out to see that the wee boatee was still above water on Sunday - it was. Eve cycled there and back like she does. I went by horseless carriage. Then Monday we went out to the wee boatee braving the huge seas and clambering aboard to tweek the wire string, glue the shiny round thing down and kneel in gull poo since they gulls seem have found a new toilet. Then it back into the tender and the huge waves that were racing across the harbour as Sammy the Seal coughed causing a mild Tsunami in the otherwise flat calm.

The lifeboat came out too - twice. Obviously our non-starting of the mechanical paddling device on the tender for the journey back had worried them and they got ready for fishing us out the briny. We managed to paddle back though to where The Crofter and his lady were waiting for him to start the MPD in a trice. Bother!

And just because I know you care; the snaps were from an OM1n/AgfaASP400s/ID11. You'll know what I mean if you know what I mean!


GB said...

I'd all but forgotten that we reached a balmy 13°C yesterday.

gz said...

Congratulations on the trip!!